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The offering features a multi-channel experience that focuses on behavioral change, with tools and guidance that empower employees to build financial literacy, confidence and wellbeing.

See our workshop calendar for upcoming dates. Access to the Health Advocate blog for timely articles relating to financial wellness. No matter your current financial situation, making informed decisions about borrowing, budgeting, and saving now will help you long-term.

Or, reach out to any of the representatives below: Visit the Office for Financial Success sign up webpage to schedule a meeting.

Choose a broad goal below to get additional tips and resources that can help you achieve your SMART goal. New classes are added each week.

Here are 7 tips to creating the abundance and calm you deserve: The Actors Fund does not offer credit counseling or Financial wellness advisory services.

Brand Enhancement Media pickups, relationship activities, community positioning, client feedback, etc. No spending one day a week. Please contact our regional office closest to you. Employees are also encouraged to remain engaged and take action through proactive features, such as checkups and reminders.

Financial Wellness @ Work

All guidance is confidential and objective. Financial wellness courses are designed to enhance students financial knowledge and highlight financial behaviors. Free webinars on estate planning, managing life transitions, paying for college and more.

For more information, visit www. Get your employees financially fit today! Transit — Financial Wellness: A hour course for undergraduate students Empowers students with the skills to successfully manage their finances while in school and beyond, and minimize dropout and student loan defaults through education.

Behavior Change Measures Empirical measures demonstrate participant adoption or modification of financial behaviors i. Getting there and enjoying your post-graduate life becomes increasingly difficult if you are saddled with debt.

We review your current philanthropic initiatives and establish measures aligned with new or expanded financial wellness programming. The course uses both personal financial planning strategies and positive psychology to help participates increase well-being in retirement as well as the years leading to retirement.

What about starting a college fund for your kids? To register click on the link above and use registration code: Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Is Hulu a better option? Choose from our growing course curriculum, delivered in-person. Savings Center — an employee discount program to help them save on everyday products, services and events from clothing and auto insurance to car rentals. You can access an online course that will help you develop the skills to manage your finances and plan for your future.

Save for an emergency If you are just beginning to save, experts typically recommend the first thing you save for is an emergency fund. Transit equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary for making responsible financial decisions.

Once approved, this report serves as the basis for all future steps. This is a trick many financially savvy people know about. Powered by EY technology, the PlanSmart Financial Wellness website helps employees create a financial wellness plan, based on their financial needs and goals.

The Foundation for Financial Wellness is an educational nonprofit that provides financial wellness courses and counseling, empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals. Access books on setting financial goals, budgeting, debt-management, saving, and investing on myLearn.

All guidance is confidential and objective. Request Information Help reduce financial stress for greater well-being and productivity Whether employees are struggling with credit card or student loan debt or saving for college, retirement, home-buying or other financial issues, Health Advocate offers personalized support and tools to help them manage their money, reduce debt, and save for the future—all to lower stress, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Whether you are just starting out and learning how to manage expenses while saving or if you are facing financial crisis— financial wellness is for you. Find out how we can help reduce financial stress to improve employee health and well-being, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Downloadable financial forms and worksheets for taxes, wills, and budgeting.For them, financial wellness is the elephant in the room. We partnered with Ann Schleck & Co. to research advisors, recordkeepers, and third-party providers to provide insights and the tools to create and implement your financial wellness game plan.

Jan 16,  · How well a financial wellness program is designed can determine whether it succeeds in reducing employees’ money-related stress, which can affect worker productivity and engagement. Funding New Programs "Paying for financial wellness offerings is often the biggest bottleneck employers face when trying to introduce a new program," said Edukate's Whitlow.

64 % of Americans can't cover a $1, emergency. The majority of Americans can't cover a $1, emergency without borrowing money, making every unexpected expense a crisis. Welcome to the University of Wyoming Financial Wellness Program.

The financial well being of our students is very important, which is why the mission of the Financial Wellness Program is to provide our campus community with education, training, and resources to enrich and encourage a lifelong practice of financial literacy, management, and resourcefulness.

Defining “financial wellness” is often hard to characterize given the meaning and application is dependent on the stage of each individual’s financial journey.

Financial wellness
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