Functions of mass communication

Findings based on these procedures were admitted in court trials of Nazi agents and native fascists and had the consequence of absolving many suspect newspapers and radio stations from charges that were based on only a few examples of bias in their presentation of news or in their editorial comments.

Specific studies on totalitarian states conducted during World War ii and thereafter also revealed that after the seizure of power by dictators mass persuasion became less important as a basis of control in these political systems. One method involves passive reading in which receivers read the defensive material.

The first of such analyses were case studies of the Nazi social system by Harold Lasswell, Ernst Kris and Nathan Leites, and others, who analyzed the declining role of mass communications as the Nazis shifted to a heavier reliance on organizational pressure and terror.

That's why He is always in you and I. Feedback is not instantaneous and is difficult to measure. The objective may be to identify the use of particular propaganda devices, such as simplification, glittering generalities, testimonials, and the like.

The increased dependency of mass media on technology compounds the problem of noise and with the increasing complexity of these technologies; the probability of more channel noise mechanical noise increases many folds.

Newspapers also perform the entertainment function as they provide features, comic strips and a variety of human-interest stories.

But the study of each element must be thought of as a step in understanding the total process and especially in estimating the long-run consequences of mass media.

Even in Great Britainwhere the organization of journalists is highly developed, the professional associations are more concerned with conditions of work Functions of mass communication with professional standards.


Feedback is the key word here. In contrast, because the survey approach cannot focus on specific messages, it may overlook particular forms of mass media impact. Recourse to the dictates of public taste and opinion may quite conceivably mean little more than the misuse of survey data to justify existing tastes, rather than stimulate new and more enlightened interests.

This issue involves the most fundamental and complex processes of political development. If at all they are united, they are very loosely organized. For the United States, there is considerable evidence that the larger and more all-embracing these industries become, the more they come to resemble public institutions and the more sensitive they grow to the shifting imperatives of public opinion, public relationsand public responsibility.

All the mass media have become part and parcel of our lives.

What are the Three Basic Functions of Business Communication?

For example, frequency modulation FM radio has introduced a new network of decentralized units; and even in the newspaper field in the United States, the trend toward consolidation has leveled off as new reproduction techniques have been introduced.

This overwhelming dominance of the media has led eminent communication scholar Marshal McLuhan to coin the phrase "Medium is the Message". The limited capacity of functionalism to be used only in policy research, evaluation and planning has been criticized by many theorists.

Exposure to a flood of information serve to narcotize rather than energize the average audience. If Mary would change her attitude about orderliness in everything, this system would be in balance. George Gerbner sees television as the central symbol of American culture.

Therefore, the impact of the mass media must be judged not only in terms of the changes in attitudes and behavior produced but also in terms of the reinforcing effect on social norms and social behavior.

Creative Artist: A Journal of Theatre and Media Studies

His professor does not accept late papers. As newspapers have transformed themselves from essentially political journals to purveyors of news, human interest features, and amusement materials, their readership ranks have been broadened to become more representative of the whole population.

These are called selective exposure, selective reception, selective perception and selective retention.


The first function of mass communication is to serve as the eyes and ears for those of us seeking information about our world. Edited by Robert K. In the printed mass media, channel noise ranges from typographical errors, misspellings, scrambled words, omitted lines or paragraphs, misprinting, etc.

For cross-national purposes, school textbooks have supplied a convenient device for revealing societal differences Walworth Because of the presumed importance of the mass media as instruments of social and political control, these institutions become fused with the basic control structure of any society.

In times of crisis, mass media announcements offer warnings and instructions. This is particularly used constantly in case of advertising. Post the Second World War, there was widespread interest in trying to understand the impact of mass media messages on society.

The social control perspective also supplies a basis for the development of the comparative analysis of mass media systems, a research theme that is likely to grow in importance in the years ahead. Mass communications operate within definable parameters, and when mass manipulation becomes excessive, although the results can be disruptive and disastrous, there are other social processes at work as well.

Then the page make up people prepare the layout before it is printed. Audience research has developed in the direction of seeking to describe more precisely the social and psychological characteristics and the specific content preferences of the persons who make up the audiences of particular media.

The problem is that people want entertainment from television. But in mass communication, the feedback is delayed and often negligible. However, things are changing for better.Consequences of the Interpretation function of mass communication: • Audience is exposed to a large number of points of view.

• This helps a person evaluate his own judgment before arriving at a conclusion. • There is no guarantee that the interpretation by media experts are accurate and valid/5(19). JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION – Vol. II - The Internet as a Mass Communication Medium - Marwan M. Kraidy ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) have the benefit of education, and at a time when superstition reigned supreme, the media emerged at the heart of public concerns and moral panics.

Two-step flow model of communication, theory of communication that proposes that interpersonal interaction has a far stronger effect on shaping public opinion than mass media outlets.

The two-step flow model was formulated in by Paul Lazarsfeld, Bernard Berelson, and Hazel Gaudet in the book. The second edition of this meticulously researched volume continues to be based on the best and most current theory and research in the field of nonverbal communication.

Social science research on mass communications seeks an objective understanding of the institutions that fashion mass communications and the consequences of communication and mass persuasion for.

Department of Mass Communication

COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES COMMUNICATION Detailed course offerings (Time Schedule) are available for. Autumn Quarter ; COM Introduction to Communication (5) I&S/VLPA Introduces theories and research in communication. Explores the myriad ways scholars approach fundamental issues of contemporary human communication.

Functions of mass communication
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