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This is a nitty-gritty taxonomic work that gets right to the point and has few frills. Fleischmann, while the Latin America section in the same volume is attributed to A. The 1-pinnate species of Campyloneurum Polypodiaceae. Not long after that, I started using my plane to move rescue dogs from kill shelters in the South, and bring them up to no-kill shelters in the North.

More surprising to us are some changes that affect familar genera not on our daily radar, viz. It could be either, or anything in between, although we find no statement suggesting that a bona fide Lab 106 oct17 is on the near horizon.

The African genus Heterotis is polyphyletic, and is restricted accordingly by these authors to a group of seven spp. Granted, "Verapaz" the Guatemalan type locality is always written as a single word, but could just as well be rendered as two words.

Cochlospermaceae comprises just two genera, Amoreuxia and Cochlospermum, both represented in Costa Rica.

In Table 1, we suppose, Lab 106 oct17 it was presented in a much more rigorous manner in the earlier paper. Tessa is really hilarious. Have not looked back since. The introductory part is brief, touching on distribution, morphology, and phylogeny.

Why this character-state should exhibit a geographic correlation is somewhat of a mystery, especially as the assemblage treated in this synopsis is as the authors freely admit entirely artificial.

Choisy], Croton draco Schltdl. Sobralia, though we won't go thereeven while acknowledging that it is paraphyletic with respect to Elleanthus. Inevitably, many of those specimens came to typify new spp. Eschweilera correae Lecythidaceaea new species from the cloud forests of Panama and Costa Rica.

Buddleja to be treated in Buddlejaceae for the Manual is revealed as paraphyletic with respect to four oligospecific genera, none of which occurs in Costa Rica.

The first part sets the stage with an overview of the so-called "golden age" of botany in Costa Rica, beginning with the arrival of Henri Pittier in and ending with his departure in ; included are brief biologies of all the important botanists of that era, along with essays on botanical activity in Switzerland, the Primitiae florae costaricensis, and the passing of the torch to Costa Rican and North American players.

O'Donell, is not assigned by these authors to either Distimake or Camonea, and indeed, is nowhere mentioned in this article. Extensive exploration of the most remote regions of the Cordillera de Talamanca by the first author and his associates most of whom are among the coauthors has yielded this annotated checklist accounting for spp.

The last-mentioned genus is accordingly submerged in Delonix. A synopsis of Aspidosperma Apocynaceae in Mexico and Central America with a taxonomic clarification of Aspidosperma cruentum and a new cryptic species. There is no genus description unless it comes at the head of the issue ; rather, a dichotomous and indented key to spp.

Also appearing polyphyletic is Quiina cruegeriana Griseb. That is, in fact, rather old news by now [see The Cutting Edge 8 2: Lord knows how this masterwork slipped past us. I also had other juices and even threw in some Red Bull but stayed away from sodas, coffee and citrus juices.Privacy Notice.

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In our. 1 Freeze / Frost Occurrence Data All probabilities in whole percent. See notes for probability level description. - Indicates the probability of occurrence of threshold.

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