Write any two feature of forecasting

We can say that algebra is an extension of arithmetic. They might look at revenue and compare it to economic indicators. Additionally, in your cover letter you may as well use a forecast statement to provide additional information regarding your skills and competences.

We can compare the number of males and the number of females in the group in two different ways as, There are 15 more males than females in the group of […] Algebra Introduction We work with numbers in arithmetic, while in algebra we use numbers as well as Alphabets such as A, B, C, a, b, and c for any numerical values we choose.

If the actual results tally with the estimated results, there is nothing to worry. In that case, include only the major divisions of a particular section and in case those divisions are themselves divided, then each of them can have individual forecasting statements.

Under passive forecast prediction about future is based on the assumption that the firm does not change the course of its action. It is the basis for making planning premises. To allow the scenarios to be presented in a neat xy-diagram Identify the extremes of the possible outcomes of the two driving forces and check the dimensions for consistency and plausibility.

Additionally, you should not provide more details than your audience has the capacity to remember since forecasting statements are aimed at helping them to understand what to anticipate but not to test their memory.

Demand for these goods depends upon household disposable income, price of the commodity and the related goods and population and characteristics. The forecasting process can be continuously improved and refined on the basis of past experience. Forecasting can be described as predicting what the future will look like, whereas planning predicts what the future should look like.

Any predictable change or pattern in a time series that recurs or repeats over a one-year period can be said to be seasonal. Changes to financial or statistical data are observed to determine the relationship between multiple variables.

For the general demand forecasting population as a whole is considered, but for specific demand forecasting division of population according to different characteristics proves to be more useful.

This method is based on the basic assumption that the sample truly represents the population. Mathematical and statistical techniques are essential in classifying relationships and providing techniques of analysis, but they are in no way an alternative for sound judgement.

The management can develop a sound foundation, for the future after considering available information, experience, type of business, and the rate of development.

This trend is then projected. Scenario planning help policy-makers and firms to anticipate change, prepare a response and create more robust strategies [9] [10]. Data collection is time consuming.

A simple illustration of this method is given in Table 2. The method is used for long term forecasting to estimate potential sales for new products.

It is one which provides information for tactical decisions. A smaller interval implies more confidence in the prediction for the specific point. Capital goods are used for further production.

These columns appear only when the Confidence Interval is checked in the Options section of the box. These individual forecasts are discussed and agreed with the sales manager. Consider, for example, the behavior of water the molecule H2O which, depending on temperature and pressure, naturally exists in just one of three states: In addition, with so few organisations making consistent use of them — and with the timescales involved reaching into decades — it is unlikely that any definitive supporting evidenced will be forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

If the sample is the true representative, there is likely to be no significant difference in the results obtained by the survey. At this point, it is also useful to assess whether any linkages between driving forces exist, and rule out any "impossible" scenarios ex.

Three key points should be assessed: The trend can be estimated by using any one of the following methods: These include goods like car, T.

Time series shows the past sales with effective demand for a particular product under normal conditions. Consider in a group of 45 people, 15 of them are females.Stock analysts use forecasting to extrapolate how trends, such as GDP or unemployment, will change in the coming quarter or year.

The further out the forecast, the higher the chance that the estimate will be inaccurate. Finally, statisticians utilize forecasting in any situation that requires the use of forecasting. It is an important task in sales of forecasting and is the analysis of economic and industrial time series.

Prediction and forecasting used interchangeably. Prediction and forecasting used interchangeably. The Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF)-est.is a membership organization recognized worldwide for fostering the growth of Demand Planning, Forecasting, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), its mission.

In a worksheet, enter two data series that correspond to each other: or suggest a new feature or improvement on Excel User Voice. Related Topics. Forecasting functions.

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Expand your Office skills Explore training. Get new features first Join Office Insiders. Scenario planning, also called scenario thinking or scenario analysis, is a strategic planning method that some organizations use to make flexible long-term plans. It is in large part an adaptation and generalization of classic methods used by military intelligence [2].

Features of Mughal administration: (i) Enjoying absolute power, the Emperor of the Mughal Empire was always the central administrative authority.


A number of officers in different governmental departments were appointed for the smooth functioning of transactions involving various affairs.

Write any two feature of forecasting
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